A Prominent Luxury-Lifestyle Hospitality Management, Development & Consulting Brand

Representing hotels, restaurants and catering venues that are Refined by definition in how they look, feel and operate.

With an all-encompassing approach to developing and managing successful luxury concepts, through consulting and management efforts, Refined Hospitality® is intimately involved and experienced in all aspects of hospitality, from curating desirable concepts to evaluating operational efficiencies. Dedicated to being closely connected, at any level of engagement, Refined Hospitality is successful at knitting their culture and consistency of luxury standards into the fabric of each hotel or restaurant environment. Individually each establishment influenced by Refined Hospitality has a distinct brand, but together, they complement one another with a common core for synergetic results.

Refined Journeys

Charming towns, known for their distinct character, are at the core of each Refined opportunity where these beloved communities are embraced with re-imagined resources, concept rehabilitation and new project development through hotel consulting and/or restaurant and catering consulting services.

With expertise in experience-based travel, Refined Hospitality intensely focuses on creating and executing fully immersive programming within these communities, deeply routing the hospitality establishment into the culture through collaborations and offerings that complement natural resources, historical narratives and surroundings. These curated service experiences embrace the community and enrich the guest experience, with authentically unique touch points and amenities crafted for modern travelers and epicureans alike.

Along Refined’s journey, the perfect balance has been established between the art and science of successful hospitality. So delicately weaving the beauty of a brand, that celebrates local culture, history and nature, with strategic operational elements and luxury service standards, is how Refined prevails in the luxury, lifestyle market space.

Pure Mission

Perfectly curated, Unique and Unexpected Refined Elements

The PURE movement is defined by REFINED’S ability to connect with guests, communities, and team members alike in authentically unique ways through unexpected elements that strike pure and real emotion. PURE in every intention, through spontaneous acts of kindness and offerings, that go well above and beyond the standards of hospitality, REFINED’S mission is to create pleasantly perfect, locally influenced, internal and external perks, that stimulate positive energy and moral, known as PURE elements. These small but impactful moments nurture REFINED’S culture and commitment to service excellence while deeply rooting the property into the community in which it resides.