Refined Hospitality is a luxury-lifestyle hospitality management brand.

Representing resorts, restaurants, spas, and catering venues on the East Coast, Refined Hospitality has an all-encompassing approach to developing successful boutique hotel concepts. Highly sought-after destination towns, known for their distinct character and charm, are at the core of each opportunity where these beloved communities are embraced with revitalized resources and elevated experiences. Refined believes in driving ADR, occupancy, and ancillary hotel revenue through community collaborations, restaurants, catering, entertainment, and spa activations versus the more traditional strategy of finding success solely through the volume of keys.  

We focus on creating and executing fully immersive luxury-lifestyle experiences… Refined Journeys.

Across the collection, the brand strategy involves an intense focus on creating and executing fully immersive destination programming– selling luxury-lifestyle experiences – or – Refined Journeys. From curated designs to elevated services, Refined is dedicated to being intimately connected to each property, successfully weaving the culture and consistency of luxury standards into the fabric of each hospitality environment. Individually each hotel represented by Refined is distinctly unique , but together, they complement one another with a common core, driving acute interest and connection across properties. Embracing consistency and quality of services, building brand value, and fully embracing guests and communities is how we are successful in making boutique properties work.